I’m staying for a week at his place and I’ll meet the whole family and thEY REFORMED A ROOM FOR ME AND PAINTED THE WALLS BLUE CAUSE MY ROOM IS BLUE and this all seem too much and yep, officially crying now

It’s 3am and in like 8 hours I’ll be on a plane on my way to see my long distance boyfriend(ish) and I’m freaking out and can’t fall asleep and I wanna puke and I wanna cry

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i like painting because i feel like im god for a moment when i turn the daisies into carnations and the clouds into sky


Hey y’all, I know a lot of people here (myself included) are fans of Woody Allen’s work but as the release date approaches for his new film please keep in mind that every dollar you contribute to his work is another dollar supporting a system that erases victims and refuses to punish perpetrators who are rich/successful/white enough to make that shit go away

So if you really must see Magic in the Moonlight (which, let’s be real, looks pretty gross and boring) please don’t pay for it. There is a *small* chance that this film flopping might send a message considering the financial success of his last few films. Probably not, but it’s worth a try.

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Studio Ghibli +  Flowers

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Thiago Neumann


Thiago Neumann


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